Toys R Us Cancels Their Brand Bankruptcy and is Planning a Comeback!

Toy Toys R Us by Joey Paur

It looks like there’s a chance that we could see Toys R Us make a comeback! The brand bankruptcy and plan to auction off the company’s intellectual property has been called off. The same lenders who made the decision to liquidate the company have now filed papers in bankruptcy court to cancel it.

According to the Chicago Tribune, they are instead “seeking to reorganize the assets into a new company that will maintain the current license agreements and can invest in new retail operating businesses.”

Maintaining the brands under a new independent U.S. business is the best option with respect to the recovery of the Toys R Us estate, as well as the benefit of other indirect and direct stakeholders, according to the filing. "The qualified bids were not reasonably likely to yield a superior alternative."

There’s no information on when we can expect to see Toys R Us back in action or how it will be rebuilt. But, it’s exciting to know that it’s going to be coming back and we’ll see Toys R Us stores filled with Toys again!

The Toy R Us store I used to go to is now a pop up Halloween shop. I went inside this past weekend and it was depressing as hell.

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