Toys 'R' Us is Releasing a Kid Sized STAR WARS Landspeeder!

When I was a kid, I always saw other kids driving around in those little battery powered plastic cars. I always wanted one but never got one. I had a bike, and I was supposed to be happy about that. Now... Now there's this. This beautiful creation made by Radio Flyer. A children's Star Wars Landspeeder.

I'm sure you all recognize the look of this because Luke was driving it around in Star Wars: A New Hope. Unfortunately, the toy Landspeeder doesn't hover, but it does comfortably seat two children who can drive it around on smooth terrain. 

I don't have kids. But now I want them. Now. They will drive this around and I can live through them and they can have the childhood I wanted to have. ARGH! I can't wait to get married and get this child to an age where he or she can drive this. 

The Landspeeder will be available September 3rd exclusively at Toys 'R' Us priced at about 500 dollars. If you have children, and this seems a little steep for you, just don't feed them for a week or two. They'll be ok with it because they'll have a Landspeeder of their own. It even comes along with a silly promo ad that you can watch below.

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