Traditional Media's Fight to Discredit Online Content

One could obviously say I'm biased on this front, but I consume pretty much all of my content online. I haven't had a cable connection in my home, ever. (Save when I lived at home.) The internet is my only form of entertainment. And on this crazy sea known as the World Wide Web, roughly 90% of the content I consume is created by other writers, bloggers, and video creators like myself. So when Game Theory's Mathew Patrick posted a video about traditional print and televised media doing their damnedest to discredit online creators, I slapped on my tinfoil hat and readied my rally cry.

I might not be a particularly big fan of PewDiePie and his bro-fisting antics, but damn it I respect what he does. I can be okay with him being the face of the growing gaming community. I could go on and on about my feelings on the subject (and even did in a very ranty, angsty blog post I made back in college), but MatPat does it some pretty good justice. So instead, give the video a watch and join the revolution!

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