Trailer and Clip for the Anime Film PATEMA INVERTED

I came across a clip and trailer for a new anime film called Patema Inverted on io9 recently, and it looked cool enough to share with the rest of you. I've been watching a lot of anime recently, so I'm kind of keeping my eye out for new and different things.

The story follows a princess who lives in the deep subterranean area of the earth. She accidentally falls into a deep pit that leads to the surface world, where she discovers a race of people for whom gravity is reversed, and now she's in danger of completely falling off the planet.

You can watch the trailer for the film below, and to watch the clip, click here. Here's a more detailed synopsis of the film:

If you can't trust gravity, then what can you trust?

An exhilarating tale of star-crossed love and overcoming impossible odds, Patema Inverted is the richly inventive new film from young gun of the anime scene, Yasuhiro Yoshiura.

In a distant future, rebellious teenager Patema lives underground in a grim industrial complex. Exploring the outer boundaries of her home one day, she stumbles into a hole and starts falling ... up. Caught upside down in the branches of a tree, she is discovered by thoughtful surface-walker Age. Realising that gravity works on each of them in different directions, the two embark on a perilous mission to uncover the dark forces ruling the world they thought they knew.

The full-length film get a limited U.S. release starting in New York City's IFC Center on Friday, August 29th. Make sure to check out the film's Facebook page here for more upcoming release dates and locations.

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