Trailer and Clips for Samuel L. Jackson's KITE

Here's the first trailer and clip for Samuel L. Jackson's latest film project, Kite, which is a live-action adaptation of the Japanese anime that was written and directed by Yasuomi Umetsu.

The story follows a young orphaned schoolgirl named Sawa "living in a failed state, post-financial collapse, where the corrupt security force profits on the trafficking of young women. When her father, a cop, is slain by someone dirty inside the force, she vows to track the murderer down with the help of her father’s ex-partner."

The action thriller was directed be Ralph Ziman, and also stars India Eisley, Callan McAuliffe, Cleo Rinkwest, Russel Savadier, Keci Eatock, Matthew Van Leeve, and Jaco Muller

There's an introduction by Jackson, and the movie looks like it could end up being entertaining, but we'll see. I also included a YouTube embed of just the trailer. 

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