Trailer For a Dark Fairytale Horror Short Called CORVIDAE Starring Maisie Williams

I've got a teaser trailer here for you to watch for a dark fairytale horror thriller called Corvidae. I normally don't post trailers for short films, but this one actually looks interesting and it stars Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams. Here's the synopsis:

CORVIDAE is a dark fairytale written and directed by Tom de Ville that follows a young girl who loves birds, and the very strange strange thing that happens when she tries to protect a wounded crow from the boys in her village. Rooted in the tradition of pastoral horror, it is a short, silent film inspired by the work of writers such as Alan Garner and Arthur Machen.
JAY (Maisie Williams) is a young girl living in the countryside who comes across a group of local boys who are shooting birds and nests with their catapult. Eager to protect them from doing more harm, JAY steps in and frightens the boys away. They leave, but not without making it clear that they will have their revenge. Taking a wounded crow home, JAY tries to construct a splint out of bits and pieces she finds in her bedroom. She also tries to feed the ailing bird. Following a haunting dream, she wakes up to discover the crow has died. Determined to give it an honourable burial, JAY takes the bird to its rightful resting place: the woods. Upon arriving there, she is suddenly ambushed by the three boys. A chase ensues, climaxing in a chain of events that no one could possibly see coming…

The movie was directed by Tom de Ville, and he had this to say in a statement about how the idea for the film came about:

“I once read an article about how crows are extremely intelligent, have excellent memories and can bare grudges for a long time. That made me wonder about what would happen if they teamed up with a girl who was trying to help them. Corvidae grew from there. We wanted Maisie Williams for the role and I consider myself very lucky that she agreed to come onboard. She gives a wonderful, nuanced performance, and working with her was a joy.”

Watch the trailer and tell us what you think.

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