Trailer For a New STAR WARS Documentary That Dives Into The Sound of THE LAST JEDI


ABC has released a trailer for a new Star Wars documentary that they will air called The Force of Sound and it dives into all the crazy cool sounds effects that were created for Rian Johnson's The Last Jedi. Even if you didn't like the story the movie told, you have to give credit to the talented individuals who worked on the technical aspects of the film like the visual effects and the sound. 

The doc will take fans inside Skywalker Ranch where the secrets from director Rian Johnson and the Oscar-nominated sound department will be revealed. 

The creative team at Lucasfilm have always pushed the boundaries in sound design. Some of the coolest sounds ever come from the Star Wars films! One of the most iconic is the sound of a lightsaber igniting. That's been burned into my memory ever since I saw my first Star Wars movie!

I do have to say that one of the coolest parts of The Last Jedi is a scene that didn't even include any sound. Remember when Admiral Holdo makes the jump to lightspeed and rips through the First Order fleet? That might be one of the most epic Star Wars scenes ever. The fact that they cut the sound out for that moment made it even more powerful. That scene is actually highlighted in this trailer.

The doc has been released, and you can watch the full thing here.

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