Trailer For a No Budget Amblin-Inspired Sci-Fi Film Called COSMOS

I’ve got a trailer here for a solid looking indie sci-fi film called Cosmos. This movie comes from directing brothers Elliot Weaver and Zander Weaver and they made it over the course of five year with no budget.

I’m inspired by passionate filmmakers like this, who actually went out and made a movie and didn’t let any of the limitations and struggles stop them. These are the same filmmakers of the short film The Mysterious Disappearance of M.M. Bayliss that we shared years ago.

The film was inspired the the Amblin-era adventures, and the story takes place over the course of one night against the backdrop of a World changing discovery. Cosmos is said to offer “spectacle and thrills but reminds us success is nothing without people to share it with.”

Here’s the synopsis:

Three amateur astronomers accidentally intercept what they believe is a signal from an alien civilisation. Realising they may have just stumbled across Mankind's greatest discovery, they must race to document their finding, prove its authenticity and share it with the world before it is lost forever. But the truth they uncover is even more incredible than any of them could have imagined.

I like that the film centers around adult characters who seem like grown up versions of the kid characters from the films many of us grew up with in the 80s.

The movie has been completed and will start making the film festival rounds where they hope it finds a distributor.

I also included a “making of” video for those of you curious to learn a little more about the creation of the film.

Here’s the “Making Of” video:

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