Trailer for Beguiling Animated Adventure THE TALE OF THE SEAS

“We're too late. And a storm is coming.”
“That’s not a storm.”

You should watch this trailer for a wonderfully animated feature, The Tale of the Seas. Directed and animated by Yoram Benz from a script by Allen Warner, this is an entirely self-funded passion project. I really love the somber, atmospheric tone, and the fact that it is an animated adventure drama is different and intriguing. The animation style is a refreshing break from the perfectly smooth 3D animation we’ve grown accustomed to, and the story definitely piques my curiosity. Here is the synopsis:

THE TALE OF THE SEAS [is] a coming-of-age fantasy following a mysterious sea creature that washes up on the shores of an isolated fishing village. MERI, the childless wife of fisherman NEREUS, finds the creature and secretly nurses it back to health, but the knowledge of his existence becomes the talk to the town and creates uneasiness among villagers weary of change. The village’s destructive ways pushes their spirit world to a breaking point, and it’s up to two outcasts to steer them away from a path of self destruction.

If you like what you see, head over to their Facebook page to see how you can help bring it to screens near you.

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