Trailer for DOCTOR WHO Episode "Into the Dalek"

So did we all love Peter Capaldi’s debut on Doctor Who last week? Or do we still have reservations about the 12th Doctor? Or do we love him but we feel guilty about it because of some misguided loyalty to Matt Smith? These are complicated emotions to sort through. I liked Capaldi but didn’t really love the episode for reasons I won’t get into here. However, I do think regeneration episodes are tough and can’t wait to see him in the thick of it on Saturday.

Speaking of, here is a trailer for Episode 2, titled “Into the Dalek.” Obviously, given Clara’s confusion over the Doctor’s regeneration, we can’t be sure how much Clara remembers from being in the Doctor’s time stream. Will she remember that she was a Dalek in the future/past? because if she does, it might help them, assuming the title is literal. Which it probably isn’t. Either way, it’s always fun to see the Doctor battling his greatest enemy, who are apparently infinite in population even though he committed genocide against them. Or actually, I guess he didn’t anymore… This is going to do my head in. And while we’re on the subject of confusing things, the trailer begins with Clara chiding the Doctor for being late. Why is he ever late? He has a time machine!

But never mind. This episode will also introduce the Doctor’s new companion, Danny Pink, who, like Clara, teaches at Coal Hill School, a very important place in Who history. It will be exciting to see what he brings to the dynamic inside the TARDIS. I know Capaldi was adamant about not flirting with Clara, so maybe he’ll flirt with Danny instead. That would be different. Here's the episode synopsis:

A Dalek fleet surrounds a lone rebel ship, and only the Doctor can help them now… With the Doctor facing his greatest enemy, he needs Clara by his side. Confronted with a decision that could change the Daleks forever, he is forced to examine his conscience. Will he find the answer to the question, 'am I a good man?'
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