Trailer For Dwayne Johnson's THE TITAN GAMES - "The Most Epic and Insane Athletic Competition Ever"

Dwayne Johnson has shared the first trailer for a new show that he’s devised called The Titan Games, which he says is the “most epic and insane athletic competition ever…” I’ve gotta say, it looks pretty damn intense.

Over the past few years I’ve enjoyed watching American Ninja Warrior, but this one looks like it will focus more on power and strength instead of being quick and nimble. This trailer teases the crazy kinds of challenges that contestants will find themselves facing.

The Titan Games looks like a different kind of series, and if you’re into watching athletic competition shows this is one you won’t want to miss. Johnson is hoping that it will be the most inspiring show on TV, and as you’ll see, it doesn’t look like it will inspire.

Here’s the synopsis:

Inspired by Dwayne Johnson's desire to motivate global audiences to reach their potential both mentally and physically, this new athletic competition offers everyday men and women the opportunity to step inside the Titan arena and compete against one of six reigning Titans in incredible head-to-head challenges designed to test their minds, bodies and hearts. If a contender defeats a Titan, the contender takes the Titan's place and joins the elite Titan group. But once they become a Titan, they must be victorious every week to keep their spot. In the end, the remaining Titans battle it out in hopes of becoming the last man and woman standing.

The Titan Games is set to premiere on NBC Wednesday, January 2nd, 2019.

I don’t know how Johnson has the time to develop all of these film and TV projects, but I’m definitely looking forward to watching this one!

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