Trailer for Found Footage Time Travel Film WELCOME TO YESTERDAY

MovieTrailerby Joey Paur

Paramount Pictures and Platinum Dunes have released the first trailer for a found footage time travel film they made, called Welcome to Yesterday. Time travel always seems to make for a fun story, but this movie just looks pretty ridiculous. Yes, it has some fun elements, but it just looks like an over all uninteresting film where the whole found footage aspect of it is unnecessary. They are trying to get that Chronicle kind of feel going, but it just doesn't seem to work for this one. 

The movie basically follows a group of friends who find a time machine, and of course, as they use it to change things in the past there are serious consequences, and they have to try to fix it. Didn't anyone in this film watch Back to the Future? The movie is set to be released on February 28th, 2014

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