Trailer for Netflix's Fascinating New Series LOSERS Focuses on the Lessons of Failure

It’s not fun to lose in anything. It’s a shitty feeling to lose at something, and with loss comes feelings of depression and being inadequate. We’ve all lost at something, we all know the feeling, and Netflix has released a new trailer that puts the focus on the losers.

The doc series is called Losers, and it features interviews with famed athletes from around the world who’ve turned historic losses into something greater. The series is a mix of animation and live action, and this is the brief synopsis that came with the trailer:

We live in a winner take all society where losing is laughed off, dismissed and shamed. But what do we miss when we turn our back on the lessons that failure gives us?

These athletes share their stories of loss and how they ended up becoming better people because of it. Losers will be available to stream on Netflix starting March 1st, and there are some lessons to be learned here.

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