Trailer for Netflix's Mitt Romney Documentary MITT

I know this isn't really geek related, but I enjoy watching documentaries on anything and everything. I think I've watched almost ever documentary that Netflix has to offer. I've even watched some more than once. I'm just fascinated by them.

Netflix has released a trailer for their upcoming doc Mitt, which gives us a behind the scenes look at what Mitt Romney was like while he was campaigning to be the next President of the United States. It's a really interesting look at a man that we didn't see while he was campaigning. A lot of people compared Romney to being a robot during his campaign, but this trailer shows us a much different side. Hell! Had he actually shown this side of himself to the people, he might have had a chance. 

I came across the trailer at /Film which says that Romney "displays more sincerity in these two minutes than he did in the whole of his campaign." That about sums it up. 

A Netflix original documentary, Mitt is a rare and intimate account of one man’s quest for the presidency.

Given unprecedented access by Mitt Romney and his family for six years, Mitt follows the former governor’s presidential aspirations, from Christmas 2006 to his initial run to become the Republican nominee in 2008 and through his Presidential concession speech in 2012.

Director Greg Whiteley (“New York Doll,” “Resolved”) travels alongside the campaign through interactions with potential voters, preparations for the debates, personal moments with his family and concluding with final presidential election night results.

The trailer starts out with Romney looking completely devastated after having lost the campaign. Then it shows us the kind of person that Romney is. The doc seems to be more about the man than the politician. 

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