Trailer For Netflix's New Series THE MECHANISM about the Biggest Corruption Scheme of All Time

The team behind the Netflix series Narcos has developed a new crime thriller series that is coming out called The Mechanism and today we have the first trailer to share with you. The series was inspired by real events that took place in Brazil and this is the synopsis that came along with the trailer:

Get ready to join a small group of dogged investigators on the hunt to discover the inner workings of the biggest corruption scheme of all time and the impact their pursuit will have on everyone involved - including themselves.

The Mechanism looks like an interesting and intense show that I'll definitely be checking out. It comes from José Padilha (Narcos, Elite Squad 1 & 2, RoboCop) and Elena Soarez (Filhos do Carnaval, Eu Tu Eles, Casa de Areia). 

The series stars Selton Mello as Marco Ruffo, a retired federal police deputy obsessed with the case at hand; Carol Abras as Verena Cardoni, Ruffo’s gutsy mentee; and Enrique Diaz as Roberto Ibrahim, an outlaw who lies at the heart of Ruffo’s obsession. 

The Mechanism premieres March 23rd, 2018.

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