Trailer for Netflix's Original Anime Series KNIGHTS OF SIDONIA

Netflix has released the first trailer for their awesome looking new original series Knights of Sidonia. The dystopian anime is based on the popular manga series of the same name, and the story follows Nagate, "a low-born youth in a society of genetically engineered refugees who escaped the destruction of Earth one thousand years earlier and now occupy the massive ship Sidonia. When Nagate's talent as a pilot is revealed he becomes one of Sidonia's elite defenders against the Guana, shapeshifting aliens bent on eliminating humans from existence."

The epic looking series has 12 episodes, and they will all be released when the series premieres July 4th. I've been watching a lot of anime recently. I've found that these shows are better than a lot of what we are seeing on TV in the states. I'll definitely be logging in to Netflix to watch this show!

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