Trailer For Netflix's Reboot of the 90s Series REBOOT

Do you remember the 90s series ReBoot? It was a Canadian CGI-animated action-adventure series. I vaguely remember this show, but Netflix is rebooting it and calling it ReBoot: The Guardian Code. They even released a trailer that you can watch below and it looks pretty silly. It kind of has a Power Rangers type vibe to it and it definitely looks like something that would come from the 90s. This version of the show is a live-action and CGI hybrid. Even the CGI looks like it comes out of the 90s! This is the description that came with the trailer:

The show is a cool mix of live action and awesome animation about the adventures of four teenagers who become the Next-Generation Guardians of Cyberspace with the help of an artificially intelligent bio-constructed teenage girl.

If you're familiar with the original series, then you know that they've changed some things up. The original series centers around the lives of a mainframe Guardian, who is named Bob along with his companions Enzo and Dot Matrix. They all reside in the self-contained digital world of a computer. They obviously did away with all of those characters in this reboot. 

The Netflix Original Series debuts on March 30th. Watch the trailer and let us know if it looks like something you'd want to check out. Also, in case you need a little reminder of the original series, I also included the intro, which might jumpstart your memory. 

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