Trailer for Olivia Wilde's Supernatural Film THE LAZARUS EFFECT

The first trailer has been released for a supernatural thriller called The Lazarus Effect. The film has a solid cast that includes Olivia WildeMark Duplass, Donald Glover, and Evan Peters. The story centers around a group of medical students who discover a way to bring the dead back to life with a serum called lazarus. Of course, bad, deadly things are bound to happen when you decide to bring people back from the dead - they never come back the same. In this case, the character Wilde plays is brought back from the dead after an accident, and then she goes on a killing spree. The movie has the same kind of vibe as the 1990 film Flatliners, only Flatliners still looks like a better film. 

The Lazarus Effect is set to be released on February 27th, and I'll watch it because I enjoy watching movies like this. 

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