Trailer for Richard Linklater's Epic Coming-of-Age Film BOYHOOD

TrailerMovie Boyhood by Joey Paur

Boyhood was truly a very cool and unique movie going experience. I had a chance to see it up and Sundance earlier this year, and I loved it. The film is seriously the most epic coming-of-age film ever made. It comes from director Richard Linklater (Before Sunrise, Before Sunset, Before Midnight, Dazed and Confused) who cast a young six year old boy in 2002. he then shot the film over the course of 12-years, which has never been done before. It follows the lives of the boy, his sister, and his divorced mother and father played by Ethan Hawke and Patricia Arquette. Here's an excerpt from the review I wrote for it:

A movie like this might be considered a coming of age story, but it's really kind of a coming of life story. There's so much that happens in the course of a person's life, so many twists and turns and crazy emotions. This movie touches on a lot of the crazy things that life can throw at a person. It's an epic, but quiet, drama about living life. Other movies have tried to do that, like Mr. Holland's Opus, but this one actually pulls it off in a way that feels genuinely honest. 

The movie will be released in theaters on July 11th. It's not a film that all of you will like, but I think it's worth watching at least once just to experience it. Enjoy the trailer.

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