Trailer For SHARKTOPUS VS. WHALEWOLF Marks A New Low For Syfy

Syfy has been making horrendous original movies for years, so it comes as no surprise that there's a film coming out called Sharktopus vs. Whalewolf. What is a little surprising is just how awful it looks.

I feel like Syfy sees the viral success of Sharknado as an excuse to essentially give up on trying to create anything that looks even remotely decent in the visual effects category. My high school friends and I used to watch bad movies like Boa vs. Python, Frankenfish, and Mansquito, so I'm certainly not above this schlocky type of entertainment. Maybe it's just me acting like an old man, but I feel like those older films, while undeniably terrible, had a bit more authenticity than this new breed of Syfy movie. It seems like these new movies are actively trying to be as terrible as possible, with the most purposely awful visual effects they can muster, in the hopes of attracting an audience that will live-tweet their viewing experience ironically.

Anyway, here's the new trailer for Sharktopus vs. Whalewolf. Maybe if no one watches this crap, Syfy will actually start giving a crap again. I'm not saying that these kinds of films will ever be seen as conventionally "good" movies, but I think they've hit the bottom of the barrel here and hopefully there's nowhere left to go but up.

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