Trailer for SyFy's 12 MONKEYS Series

The SyFy Channel has released the first full trailer for their new series 12 Monkeys, which is a complete reimagining of the original film. The reason they did that is because they didn’t want to redo the movie, so they "changed everything from the top down.”

It looks like it will be a solid series, but let's face it… Aaron Sanford (the star of the new series) is no Bruce Willis. The series also stars Amanda Schull, who takes on the character originally played by Madeline Stowe. I loved the original movie, but I will go into this with an open mind. 

The story follows the journey of a time traveler from the post-apocalyptic future who is on a mission to eradicate the source of a deadly plague. The series is set to premiere in January of 2015.

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