Trailer For The Bruce Lee-Inspired Martial Arts Stage Play Coming Called DRAGON SPRING PHOENIX RISE

There’s a Bruce Lee-inspired stage play that has been in development called Dragon Spring Phoenix Rise, and it looks like it’ll be a pretty spectacular show!

It’s been described as a “futuristic kung fu musical,” and it tells the story of “a secret sect in Flushing, Queens, that possesses the magical power to extend human life, and the twin brother and sister caught in the struggle to control it.”

The production also has a talented team of creative people working on it. It was co-conceived and directed by Chen Shi-Zheng (Dark Matter) and written by Kung Fu Panda screenwriters Jonathan Aibel and Glenn Berger. The kung fu musical also features songs by Sia remixed by Bobby Krlic (The Haxan Cloak) and Arca, with movement choreography by Akram Khan, and martial arts choreography by Zhang Jun.

Dragon Spring Phoenix Rise is also said to include “fast-paced kung fu dance sequences” that “unfold in front of, around, and above the audience.”

The play is currently playing at The Shed in Manhattan’s Hudson Yards, and it’s a show I would love to see. Check out the trailer for it below and let us know what you think!

Via: /Film

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