Trailer For The Extremely Disturbing Camping Trip Murder Thriller KILLING GROUND

I had the opportunity to see Killing Ground at Sundance earlier this year and I wish I would have skipped it. It's not that the movie was poorly made, it's that the subject matter was just too intense for me. The story follows a couple who goes on a camping trip and they slowly start to realize that something is wrong about the place they are camping. This all leads to them being terrorized by two psychopaths.  

It's a pretty simple premise, but it's the way that it was executed that just disturbed the hell out of me. The horrific events that played out over the course of the movie were done so realistically that it made me sick to my stomach. That rarely happens to me! But there was just an uncomfortable evilness about this movie that got to me. 

If that's your kind of thing, you're gonna love this movie. It's absolutely relentless and you'll get a little taste of it in this first trailer. Here's the synopsis: 

A couple's romantic camping trip becomes a desperate fight for survival in this ultra-raw, unhinged kill ride. In need of a break from their life in the city, Sam (Harriet Dyer) and Ian (Ian Meadows) head to a remote beach for a weekend getaway. When they come across an abandoned campsite, with no trace of its occupants, they're concerned. When they discover a lone, traumatized child nearby, they're scared. And when they encounter two local sociopaths (Aaron Glenane, Aaron Pederson), they're in for a hell of a bad time.

The movie hits theaters and VOD on July 21st. Watch the trailer and tell us what you think.