Trailer For The Horror Thriller VISIONS with Isla Fisher and Jim Parsons

Blumhouse Production has released an international trailer for a new horror thriller they’ve produced called Visions. The movie has an interesting cast that consists of Isla Fisher, Gillian Jacobs, and Jim Parsons. The story revolves around a young woman whose sanity is jeopardized when she starts having unsettling and terrifying visions. Here’s the synopsis:

Leaving her hectic city lifestyle behind, young mother-to-be Eveleigh (Fisher) joins her husband David (Mount) at their beautiful new vineyard home only to be plagued by terrifying noises and visions of a sinister hooded figure. No one else hears or sees these hallucinations, not even David, who grows increasingly worried about his wife's well-being. 
Desperate to prove her sanity, Eveleigh hunts down locals who reveal the haunted history of the vineyard in which she now resides. But when the pieces come together, the answer is far different – and more dangerous to her and her baby – than she ever imagined.

It looks like a mediocre horror film, with some cheesy moments. I’m not expecting much, but I love horror movies, so I’ll watch it! There’s no U.S. release date yet for the film, but it will be released internationally on September 17th. 

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