Trailer for THE IRON GIANT Documentary - THE GIANT’S DREAM

The Iron Giant is my number one favorite animated film of all time. There’s a new Signature Edition coming out soon, and it will include a documentary on the making of the film called The Giant’s Dream. We have a trailer for you to watch for that doc today that gives us a glimpse at some of the insight that will be included in the film. 

As you’ll see, director Brad Bird was a very excited and talented young filmmaker looking to shake things up and do something completely different in the animation world. He wanted to do something that had never been done before. He seems like a punk rock animator who had a bold vision and an optimistic attitude. In one of the first scenes of the trailer, we see video footage of him going off on Disney and pointing out the issues with their films that he completely wanted to avoid with The Iron Giant

He went on to create one of the greatest animated films ever made that bombed at the box office because of poor marketing by the studio. The trailer came along with a quote from /Film that called the film "a beautiful and heartbreaking look at the Hollywood animation process, a must see."

We’ll all get our chance to see it when the Signature Edition of The Iron Giant is released on September 9th.

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