Trailer for the Psychological Thriller BEFORE I GO TO SLEEP

Nicole Kidman and Colin Firth star in a psychological thriller called Before I Go To Sleep, and today we have an international trailer for you to watch. The movie is based on the bestselling mystery book by first-time author S.J. Watson, and the story follow an amnesiac, Christine (Kidman), who needs to solve a dark riddle. The only problem is she forgets the progress she has made every 24 hours. Yes, I know this sounds a lot like Memento. Christine is reliant on the help of Firth's character as she navigates her incredibly frustrating life. As she continues her search for answers, she discovers some terrifying new information that throws everything she thinks she knows into question.  

The movie was written and directed by Rowan Joffe, who had this to say about it in an statement to Empire:

"It's classic noir. They remind me of a Hitchcock pairing: a tall, dark handsome lead and a beautiful blonde playing psychological cat and mouse!"

It does have kind of a Hitchcockian feel to it, and I really enjoy watching these kinds of movies, so I'll be checking it out. The movie also stars Mark Strong, and there's no release date yet for here in the U.S.

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