Trailer for the Wonderful 1950s Coming-of-Age Film INDIGNATION with Logan Lerman

I had a chance to see Indignation at Sundance earlier this year, and it was a joy to watch. The film was directed by James Schamus, who has produced several movies over the years and has written scripts for films such as Hulk and Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. This is his first time directing a feature, and he did a wonderful job telling this coming-of-age story.

The story is based on a book of the same name by Philip Roth. The story follows a boy named Marcus, played by Logan Lerman. He is the Jewish atheist son of a butcher from New Jersey, and he enrolls in a small christian college in Ohio to avoid being drafted into the Korean War and to get away from his overbearing parents. It is here that the character is met with a variety of challenges such as anti-Semitism, sexual repression, and the ongoing war.

We have the first trailer for you to watch today for the film, and it makes the movie looks more serious than it really is, which is surprising. The movie is packed full of humor which is why I enjoyed it so much. Unfortunately, none of that humor is present in the trailer. As I said in my review:

It's a dramatic story but it's sprinkled with some fantastically fun humor and there are moments that are really quite charming. There's one relationship in particular that was incredibly entertaining and that was between Marcus and the dean of the college. There was one scene between the two characters that was incredible. In it they argue about religion, life, and dealing with problems Marcus is confronted with. The scene is 15 minutes long and the exchange of words between these two characters is brilliant. The whole audience roared in applause when it was over.

Here’s the official synopsis:

Based on Philip Roth’s late novel, Indignation takes place in 1951, as Marcus Messner (Logan Lerman), a brilliant working class Jewish boy from Newark, New Jersey, travels on scholarship to a small, conservative college in Ohio, thus exempting him from being drafted into the Korean War. But once there, Marcus’s growing infatuation with his beautiful classmate Olivia Hutton (Sarah Gadon), and his clashes with the college’s imposing Dean, Hawes Caudwell (Tracy Letts), put his and his family’s best laid plans to the ultimate test.

Indignation opens on July 29th, and I highly recommend you check it out when you get a chance. I think audiences will be pleasantly surprised with it.

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