Trailer for Tom Hardy's Thriller LOCKE


For those of you who are fans of Tom Hardy, we've got the first trailer for his new thriller Locke for you to watch. The movie showed at Sundance last month, and I heard a lot of positive buzz. It looks like a really intense film. It was directed by Steven Knight, and here's the synopsis:

Ivan Locke has crafted a nearly flawless life. Professionally, he is an obsessive perfectionist, respected by his coworkers and loved by his bosses. He cherishes the bond he shares with his two sons and the unshakeable partnership he has developed with his wife. This is the life he always imagined, an ideal existence built with painstaking care. Hours before the biggest day of his career, Locke receives a phone call that threatens to destroy the life he has worked so meticulously to create. As he struggles to keep his world intact, he is forced to confront his imperfections and the fractured foundation where they are rooted.

This is one of the film I wanted to see while up at the festival, but never got the chance. A couple of our other writers did though, and this is what Mily Dunbar had to say about Hardy's performance in the film in her review,

"It is lucky that Hardy is maybe the most charismatic actor currently working, so he holds your attention. And he’s playing fairly extreme distress and anxiety, which isn’t anything I’ve seen from him before. He kills it. He isn’t over the top–he is very, very controlled. He is precise and meticulous and gentle. His projection of calm reassurance rarely breaks, and almost never when he is interacting with another character. This is a bravura performance, maybe the best of his career. He manages to get the audience on his side right away, and somehow keeps them on his side through all of his problems, which, it should be noted, are entirely of his own making. "

Locke hits U.K. theaters on April 18th and will then be released in U.S. theaters a week later. The movie also stars Ruth Wilson, Olivia Colman, Andrew Scott, Tom Holland, and Bill Milner.

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