Trailer for TOM'S RESTAURANT - Doc on Seinfeld's Diner

Here's the trailer for a new documentary called Tom's Restaurant, which focuses on the New York diner that became famous thanks to the hilarious TV series Seinfeld. The exterior of the restaurant was used to represent Monk's Cafe in the series. The doc will take us through the history of the diner, which has been owned and operated by the Greek-American family of Minas Zoulis since the 1940s.

Tom's Restaurant in New York City: Seinfeld, Suzanne Vega, NASA, Columbia University and much more... Documentary about Tom's Restaurant, in Morningside Heights - Manhattan. Owners, clientele & pop culture references. New York has many hidden treasures. This documentary is dedicated to bring you some of them.

Thanks to Firstshowing for the heads up!

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