Trailer: SLASH is a Film About Writers of Erotic Fan Fiction

Writers of erotic fan fiction, you now have your film. Slash looks to unmask that subculture, which I'm sure we are all well aware has been mocked by many, and give a face to the people who write those stories. 

In the movie, Michael Johnston plays a teen who gets in trouble for his sexually explicit fan fiction he writes at school. He then meets a girl who tells him she loves his writing, and convinces him to attend a convention for writers of erotic fan-fiction. 

The movie is a comedy, because how can it not be, but it appears to be a largely genuine look into the lives of people who write these books and do what we dare not even speak of. I really like the blending of real life and the fictional sequences! Slash arrives in theaters and on VOD on December 9, 2016.

Thanks to FirstShowing for bringing this to our attention.

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