Trailers For Exciting Wii U Games HYRULE WARRIORS And NES REMIX

Nintendo dropped a few huge bombshells in their Nintendo Direct presentation today. Two of these were brand new games that look awesome! The first one, Hyrule Warriors, is a hack-n-slash Zelda title made in collaboration with the team who makes the widely popular Dynasty Warriors. In the trailer we see Link battling numerous goons and having a showdown with King Dodongo in the middle of Termina Field. The second game Nintendo announced, they simultaneously released along with the trailer. NES Remix is a game that offers challenging modes to some of the NES classics we all know and love. Its quick pacing and random challenges seem really similar to the 9 Volt levels in the Warioware series, but at $14.99 and being released today, I'm not complaining! Both trailers can be found below!