TRANSFORMERS 4 - New Photos and Story Details

A few more photos from the set of Transformers: Age of Extinction have hit the internet, showing Mark Wahlberg (Cade Yeager), Nicola Peltz (Tessa Yeager), Jack Reynor (Shane Dyson), and couple of our favorite Autobots. There are also a couple pictures of Michael Bay directing the actors. 

We've also got a few new story details about the movie that you might be interested in reading about. When it comes to the plot of the film, they say,

"Earth is scarred by the events of the past three movies, but is moving on after all the giant robots disappeared. Cade Yeager, an inventor, discovers a buried Transformer which sets the stage for the return of the rest of the Transformers."

Sounds pretty similar to a previously released synopsis for the film that was dismissed as not being accurate. Apparently it was pretty accurate after all. 

“As humanity picks up the pieces, following the conclusion of ‘Transformers: Dark of the Moon,’ Autobots and Decepticons have all but vanished from the face of the planet. However, a group of powerful, ingenious businessman and scientists attempt to learn from past Transformer incursions and push the boundaries of technology beyond what they can control — all while an ancient, powerful Transformer menace sets Earth in his crosshairs. The epic adventure and battle between good and evil, freedom and enslavement ensues.”

Bay goes on to talk about his new movie, saying,

"I'm feeling really good about this one. I love my cast. There's a huge scale to this, but also huge soul. Well, it's a director's world... It's a franchise world at the moment. You know, Peter Jackson is still in Middle-earth..." 

The movie is set to be released on June 27th, 2014, and I'm hoping it turns out to be good!  Via: CBM

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