TREASURES OF THE REALMS Converts Over 140 Magical Items From 3rd Edition D&D to 5E

If you’ve been playing Dungeons & Dragons since 3rd Edition, you might know about Magic of Faerûn that included a bunch of new spells and magical items. Well, if you like to play 5th Edition now, you may want to use some of your favorite items from that book. R P Davis has created Treasures of the Realms, which is an unofficial supplement that converts the magic items from Magic of Faerûn for use in modern play. Even if you don’t have the nostalgia for 3E, this resource has plenty of great magical items for any group of adventurers.

From the experienced pen of Mithral-best-selling Guild author R P Davis comes Treasures of the Realms, a collection of more than 140 magic items!

This work converts the magic items found in the book Magic of Faerûn from the 3rd Edition of Dungeons & Dragons to a format suitable for your 5th Edition game. Each item has been converted with the utmost care and precision so you can feel confident that its inclusion won’t unbalance your game.

You can get Treasures of the Realms - Magic items & Weapons of Faerûn from DMs Guild for $2.95.

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