Trick Out Your New Artificer with TOOLS OF THE TRADE

It was roughly a week ago when the Artificer class’ Unearthed Arcana was finally released. It came with two subclasses for fans to try out, but sometimes you want to try something different. Enter Alex Clippinger, Christian Eichhorn, and Christopher Walz with their fan-made supplement Tools of the Trade: Artificer Options. This nice tool introduces six new subclasses that give you a wider array of options. In the short time that I’ve looked them over, they look really cool, but I do worry that they may be a little overpowered, but I’m also playing with a Ranger in one of my games that I feel is very OP, so maybe I’m wrong. Here’s a description of the included subclasses:

The Arcane Botanist—unlock the power of plants and pheromones with this nature-loving specialization.
The Biomancer—push your body to the limit with deadly chemical cocktails with this monstrous specialization.
The Golemancer—create a loyal servant from your fallen foes with this shocking specialization.
The Ironclad—create and modify a powerful suit of armor and join the frontline with this hard-hitting specialization.
The Observer—use stealthy drones to relay vital information to your companions with this tactical specialization.
The Sapper—litter the battlefield with dangerous mines with this explosive specialization.

You can pick up Tools of the Trade for $3.45 on DMs Guild, but make sure you also have the Unearthed Arcana which is free.

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