TRON-Inspired LightMode Motorcycle Helmets

A few years back, a lithium-powered Tron: Legacy-inspired lightcycle went on the market for a reasonable $55,000. Soon after, officially licensed Tron leather motorcycle suits were released. The only thing missing? Tron-inspired helmets, of course! I’m sure if you were willing to drop the money on a cool but impractical electric motorcycle, you’ve probably found someone to build you a luminescent helmet. But if you’re riding a bike you already love and want a cheaper way to show your love for Tron (or just want to take an extra safety measure so people can see you when you’re riding), LightMode has you covered. They are currently taking orders for their electroluminescent helmets and mod kits on their Kickstarter page.

Here are some tech specs from Uncrate:

LightMode adds glowing EL components onto the outside of the helmet using a combination of super-strong glue and chemical accelerator. You control things via a box that clamps onto the helmet between the shell and padding, runs on 2 AA batteries, and gives you three modes: a Tron-like constant glow, a blink setting, and off.

You can watch the Tron-inspired helmet in use in the video below, which features a Daft Punk-inspired soundtrack. For those of you who only have a bicycle, you can always just buy these.

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