TRUST AND UNDERSTANDING Is the Third Part of the SAGA OF THE WORM Adventures

Alan Patrick recently released another adventure in the “Saga of the Worm.” Trust and Understanding is a tier 4 adventure for the Dungeons & Dragons Adventurers League, meaning that it’s designed for level 17-20 players.

The adventure should take roughly 6-8 hours to complete, so it may not fit in one single session either. One thing I love about this adventure is that while it is designed to work with Window to the Past and Those That Came Before, it doesn’t have to, and Patrick has included story hooks for a variety of situations, including if your party has been doing a hardcover adventure such as Curse of Strahd or Ghosts of Saltmarsh. For fear of spoiling things, I’ll just leave the logline here:

The shield dwarves of western Faerûn sometimes speak of a labyrinthine structure on the shores of a misty lake. Rumored to imprison an ancient creature that predates Faerûn’s beginnings, the place has long been sealed. But now coins are showing up in bazaars and trader’s booths that match the description of those minted by this citadel, and they are rightly concerned.

You can purchase Trust and Understanding on DMs Guild for $5.99.

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