TSURO: PHOENIX RISING is the Third TSURO Game and It is on Kickstarter Now

Tsuro is one of my favorite tabletop games. The gameplay is really simple which is perfect for casual gamers, and there’s something about the game that is soothing and relaxing. Now, there’s a new version of the game called Tsuro: Phoenix Rising coming out via Kickstarter.

Phoenix Rising is not simply a reskin of the original game though as it now has lanterns that are turned into stars to form constellations. Instead of simply waiting for your opponents to fall of the edge of the board, players are trying to create a constellation using seven stars first. Keeping with that, you won’t lose for falling off the edge in this new game.

The game shouldn’t take too long to play (rated at 20-60 minutes), is great for young people (rated for ages 8+), and supports a large group (up to 8 players). This makes it sound like it’s a great game to play at smaller family gatherings or simply when you and your friends need something a little more chill than Cthulu Wars.

The game will cost you $40+ depending on what extra goodies you’re wanting. Higher tiers will provide you with exclusive expansions, alternate tokens, and even a copy of Tsuro and Tsuro of the Seas. I’m excited to see this game launch.

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