Turns Out TWIN PEAKS Season 4 Is Still A Possibility


Twin Peaks may be gone for the foreseeable future, but fans shouldn't rule out the possibility the show will eventually return for Season 4 just yet. That's coming straight from the source as David Lynch hinted in an interview with Deadline he may not be as finished with the franchise as everyone initially believed:

“Well, for right now, you could say I don’t want to talk about that.”

Hinting at something more but keeping details under wraps is almost always a tease that talks are underway, and while I have no way of confirming that, I'm not why Lynch would tease people if there's no shot at the series returning. Lynch added later some high praise for cable television, and mentioned that whatever his next project may be, it'll likely be on TV:

“Feature films have fallen on hard times these days. And it’s sad, but it’s the reality. I always say now, cable television is the new arthouse. People have freedom and can make a continuing story. It’s pretty beautiful, but it’s not the big screen, so there’s a little bit of sorrow in the picture and a little bit of sorrow in the sound.”

Would you be excited for Season 4 of Twin Peaks? Do you think the show needs more episodes, or would you rather see Lynch devote his time to something else? 

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