TWILIGHT ZONE - "Eye of the Beholder" Art by Tom Whalen

Dark Hall Mansion has announced that they will be releasing a 10-print Twilight Zone subscription featuring art created by Tom Whalen. To kick it off they've released the first print, which was inspired by one of my favorite Twilight Zone episodes, "Eye of the Beholder."

Other episodes that will be covered in the series include “Nightmare at 20,000 Feet,” “Living Doll,” and “Nick of Time,” plus a few other surprises. Here's some information provided on the illustration above:

A disturbing classic, the episode’s final imagery is arresting and unforgettable even to contemporary audiences. Tom Whalen has created a piece for “Eye of the Beholder” that is deliberate and meticulously crafted, from its “The Twilight Zone” ‘eye’ element, to its “Beholder” font, a font that Tom noted specifically echoes a studied association with the word “beautiful,” the print’s composition is at once grounded in the reality of the episode while still subtly dissolving into an ethereal upper plane that fans will instantly recognize as Tom’s nod to the starry sky from “The Twilight Zone’s” famous opening credit sequences.

Here's some additional information from the announcement.

Dark Hall Mansion, under license by CBS Consumer Products, will release a 10-print “The Twilight Zone” series focused on key classic episodes of the legendary series that redefined television and set a creative bar by which decades of writers and filmmakers still measure themselves today. The importance of “The Twilight Zone” and its unparalleled creative output and unflinching mirror on the individual and society, particularly in an era when this was simply not done, cannot be underscored. Its impact on television, films, screenwriters, directors, authors, the comics industry, and creative artists within all fields still resonates and informs every genre to this day.

Dark Hall Mansion’s officially licensed 10-print limited edition subscription screenprint series goes on sale Tuesday, August 19th, and will feature 10 classic “The Twilight Zone” episodes rendered by leading contemporary artist, Tom Whalen. The 10-print “The Twilight Zone” editions will be offered as a subscription print series with an exclusive worldwide run of only 230 Standard edition subscriptions and 70 Variant edition subscriptions. Each of the 10 individual prints will focus on one classic “The Twilight Zone” episode, each rendered in artist Tom Whalen’s inimitable and dynamic style, each measuring 18″ x 24″ and each fully screen printed.

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