Two Guys Opened a Will Ferrell-Themed Bar in New York City

I recently took a trip to New York City to write about The Lord of the Rings live concert, and though I'm very happy living in Los Angeles, there's nothing that makes me want to be a permanent NYC resident than hearing that two guys (Zach Neil and Brian Link) just opened a Will Ferrell-themed bar called Stay Classy New York. I'm one of the biggest fans of Anchorman you'll ever meet, and I would love to be a regular at this place.

The drink menu includes things like YOU’RE MY BOY BLUE! (Hendricks Gin, Blue curacao, Sweet and Sour, Pineapple Juice), SHAKE AND BAKE (shaken whiskey and sour mix with a splash of ginger beer, served with cherries and lime wedge), GLASS CASE OF EMOTION (muddled rosemary and peach, whiskey, lemon juice, simple syrup), and the MUGATU MULE (tequila reposado, lime, bitters, ginger beer), and there's Ferrell-themed art all over the walls. I want to go right now. New Yorkers — let me live vicariously through you. Check this place out and report back!

People interviewed the owners, who said:

“In business, there’s always a chance that you lose your money and fail, so we said we might as well do something that we think is funny and represents what we love [sic] that way if we lose we can still laugh about it. Will Ferrell movies are our favorite — we love the man and his work — so it was easy for us to create this landscape of ridiculous things and theme it accordingly.”

We are open Monday -Saturday from 4pm and starting November 12pm! #stayclassybar #stayclassynyc

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The art installation is coming along! #stayclassybar #stayclassynewyork #mugatu #barsofnewyork #willferrellbar

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