Two Paramedics Take a Million Dollars From a Dying Man and Things Get Crazy in Fun Trailer For DANGER ONE

Here's a fun trailer for a new action crime thriller called Danger One. This is a dark comedy that tells the story of two paramedics who steal a million dollars from a dying man, which leads to one hell of a crazy adventure for them. As you'll see, the trailer just gets more and more insane as it goes.

The movie was directed by Tom Oesch (Echo) and it stars Tom Everett ScottJames JurdiAngélica CelayaDenis O'HareMichael O'NeillDamon Dayoub, and Charles Shaughnessy. Here's the synopsis:

Danger One follows two paramedics, Dean (Scott) and Eric (Jurdi), who are both facing long hours, tough situations, and low pay. When they get a 911 call that leads them to discover a million dollars sewn into the clothes of a dying man, erratic Dean persuades reluctant Eric to keep the money. When their colleagues, the dangerously seductive Brie (Celaya) and the temperamental fireman Max (Dayoub) learn of the matter, things grow even more complicated as internal greed, betrayal, and double crosses ensue. As twists, turns, and mayhem increase, Dean and Eric soon discover that in the emergency call business, life or death situations are only one call away. 

Danger One will be in select theaters starting September 14th.

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