UNCHARTED 2: Journey to Shambala Art by Christopher Clancy

Uncharted 2 is truly a classic, a fact that I just now learned with my first completed playthrough over the last week or two. It certainly deserves all of its accolades, and Christopher Clancy, artist of the piece you see above, evidently feels the same way. All the characters you love, and even the ones you grow to hate (looking at you, Flynn), are here, mixed with some locales you travel to along the way, and all blended into a design resembling the dagger at the center of it all. Lots of elements at play here, but they all come together nicely, and it's a piece worth spotlighting. If you dig his art style, head over to his Deviant Art page to catch more of his fantastic work, and make sure to leave a comment or two.

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