UNDERWORLD Director Len Wiseman is Developing an FBI Sci-Fi Series Called SWITCH


FOX is producing a fascinating new series called Switch. It is being developed by Underworld franchise director Len Wiseman and writer/producer Joby Harold. The series focus on an FBI task force who uses a technology where agents can go undercover inside the body on another person. Here are the details:

Switch asks the question, what if you could quite literally drive the body of another human being? Welcome to the world of Switch – an adrenaline-fueled procedural detailing the exploits of the FBI’s newest undercover unit, the Switch Division, a task force created to allow an agent to go undercover inside the body of another human being. Or at least that’s the theory. Unfortunately, type-A Louise “Lou” Fawkes can’t find an agent insane enough to try her new technology. Enter Harry “Mac” Macallister – a sloppy, loose-cannon, former undercover burnout who will enjoy nothing more than the opportunity to spend each week inside the bodies of various criminals – except perhaps watching Lou pull her hair out trying to control him.

This seriously sounds like it could be an awesome show! I love this concept! Harold, who is also writing The Flash film for WB, is writing the series and Wiseman is attached to direct it. The series is being produced byt he same team behind the critically acclaimed WGN America drama Underground.

There’s a lot of potential here and I’m excited to see what comes of this. What do you think about this story concept?

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