Unused Black Spider-Man and Venom Costumes for SPIDER-MAN 3

Sam Raimi's Spider-Man 3 didn't end up as awesome as we all hoped. I know different costume designs couldn't have saved the movie, but it is cool to see a couple of alternate costume designs that could have been. I've included a couple of photos featuring an unused test costume for Venom created by Frontline Design Inc. This costume comes from the same guys that created the new Superman costume in Man of Steel. I don't really care for any of the Venom designs that were created for the movie. That villain should have been so much more badass. Hopefully we get to see that in the new movie being developed. 

Then, directly below, you'll find a rejected black costume for Spider-Man. The photo features Sam Raimi and the costume designer testing out a couple of different Spider-Man logos that they could possibly use with the costume. It's very different than what we ended up seeing in the film. So why didn't they go with this costume design? According to a video from SevenWebHeads that I've embed below...

"The producers didn't want use it because they felt the latex made Spidey look like he was in a porno."

I think that's a silly excuse, and I personally think the the costume looks really cool. I can understand why they went with the final costume design they went with though. It was consistent with what they already had designed, only in black. It worked, unfortunately the movie didn't. Do you like any of these alternative costume designs? I've included the final designs below as well.

Via: CBM

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