Upcoming Unofficial D&D Supplement Drew Inspiration from KIKI'S DELIVERY SERVICE for Crafting

Art by Sarah Webb

Art by Sarah Webb

Witch+Craft is an upcoming unofficial supplement for Dungeons & Dragons from Astrolago Press. It takes inspiration from Kiki’s Delivery Service to help guide players of all classes use magic to craft everyday things like weapons, food, and jewelry. It looks like a really cool set of rules, and it is designed to be usable with your current campaigns without the need for re-rolling your characters. Here’s part of the description:

Witch+Craft, a beautifully-illustrated supplemental for 5e games, brings a new crafting system to your table. Designed to be fun to use and simple to implement, the domestic magic crafting system can be easily inserted into ongoing games without the need for rerolling characters or reinventing entire campaigns—perfect for the ragtag crew who want to repair an enemy’s shipwrecked boat, the cunning ensemble looking to build themselves an impromptu grappling hook, or the friendly bard wanting to spend their downtime baking a pie for their party. Whether you’re a butcher, a baker, or a candlestick maker, Witch+Craft has you covered.

But that’s not all: this new system also includes trade classes, a new character customization option that goes hand-in-hand with your characters’ pre-existing combat class and background. Trade classes allow you to define what makes your skills unique as you level up and make your mark in the world.

We call this system domestic magic because it emphasizes the miracle of making. Even non-spellcasters can tap into the power of creation, forging beautiful and useful items with their hands and their heart.

If this sounds awesome, I would recommend heading over to the Kickstarter which has already met its goal. For as little as $15, you’ll be rewarded with a digital copy of the book with more rewards as you donate more. If you check everything out and you like what you see, you can even download a playtest for free! Looking through the playtest myself, I think this is a really fun way to add a new dimension to your games.

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