Photo by Rabittooth

In case you've been wondering what's been going on over at Disney and Lucasfilm regarding Star Wars: Episode VII and Indiana Jones, we have a few updates for you.

The Chairman of Disney, Alan Horn, was speaking at a Variety event recently where he revealed that a script has yet to be turned in for Star Wars: Episode VII, but that he expects to see it in January. The studio can't get a budget put together without the script, but they expect it to be around $200 million.

I think it's funny that they don't have a budget yet, but they are already building the sets for the film, which includes a completed full scale Millennium Falcon, inside and out. Horn also talked about the Indiana Jones franchise and where that property currently stands now that they own it. 

Here are the Twitter updates from Variety reporter @marcgraser:

It will be awesome when the studio finally gets around to making official announcements on these projects. I wonder if they will bring Steven Spielberg back to direct the fifth Indiana Jones movie. As much as I didn't like the fourth film, I'm excited to see what Disney ends up doing with it. 

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