USA And Syfy Will Now Allow F-Bombs To Broadcast Uncensored

USA and Syfy are getting the reigns loosened on vulgarity. The NBC companies will now allow their programs to say "fuck," uncensored, in what could truly be a turning point in American television. The news comes from Buzzfeed, who note that this is truly awesome fucking news. 

Of course, cable television has gotten increasingly brave in the past five years with the word, and I've heard the word undipped a couple times both on Preacher and Breaking Bad in first airings on AMC. Frankly, I never understood the apprehension of keeping swearing out of programming, especially when we show full on exploding heads and over the top violence in primetime. Hopefully, we can be more like British programming and let our characters act like normal humans when they're angry. 

Are you happy with this decision? Are you frightened? Do you think we'll see uncensored boobs on cable television next?

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