Usher in the Next Gen Consoles with These Retro Skins

GearGames by Eli Reyes

via: Kotaku

This is an exciting time for gaming with the recent release of the PS4 and Xbox One. To help ease into the changes these next gen consoles bring to your gaming experience and the look of your living room, here are some very authentic-looking skins that pay homage to the NES console. These look so convincing that you’ll certainly be tempted to blow on the discs/“cartridges” for old times' sake.

The PS4 skin will run you $14.95. The Xbox One decal, which also comes with a skin for the Kinect, sells for $16.95. Head over to HouseOfGrafix to purchase those.

I’ve also included skins for the Wii U below, which are available from DecalGirl for $24.99 in high gloss or matte finish.

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