7 High Tech Movie Gadgets That Definitely Don't Exist


Here is a fun little video of highly unlikely/impossible tech from some of our favorite movies. Of course the Bond and Mission: Impossible franchises claimed multiple spots on the list (and honestly probably could have claimed more). It’s sort of understandable that high tech spy thrillers would invent some of their tech. And honestly, the idea of that exploding chewing gum always gave me anxiety anyway, so I am pretty glad that one is not real. What if a spy lost it and someone found it and started chewing it? I am also quite relieved that the creepy ass, definitely illegal Cell Sonar Tracking Wall from The Dark Knight is not real, because it’s shit like that that gives me qualms about rooting for Batman. Anyway, the video was edited together by Madeline Muzzi for Vulture, and this is their description (the full list is below the video):

“Whether it’s a heist or spy movie, crime in film wouldn’t be the same without all of the high-tech disguises, fancy getaway cars, and highly engineered weaponry.

“These tools typically reference a familiar technology for credibility, but then apply it in new and unheard of ways. For example, the scene in Ocean’s 8 where Helena Bonham Carter’s character uses a pair of glasses to 3-D-print a convincing replica without looking at all sides of the necklace.

“In context it’s easy to overlook the stretch — who wants to spend an entire movie fact-checking? But if you take a step back, there’s no denying that some of these tricks wouldn’t work offscreen. Check out seven eyebrow-raising examples in the video above.”

  • The Invisible Car (remote control included) from Die Another Day

  • 3D-Printing Glasses from Ocean's 8

  • Cell Sonar Tracking Wall from The Dark Knight

  • Digitally Recreated Voice from Mission: Impossible III

  • Exploding Chewing Gum from Mission: Impossible

  • X-Ray Glasses from The World Is Not Enough

  • Contact Lens Camera from I Spy

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