Various Talented Artists Come Together For an Imaginative Art Book For Charity Called BEGINNINGS

ArtBook by Joey Paur

Several wonderfully talented artists have come together to submit some awesome imaginative art for a book called Beginnings. The art book is being crowdfunded on Crowdwise and it's all for charity to support children who are victims of the tragic events from all over the world. It's described as a way to "celebrate the innocence and wonder of childhood." 

One of the coolest things about the book is the fact that it will be filled with the art showing us what inspired each of the artists when they were kids. So, there's a very personal touch to each piece that tells us something about the artist, which I think is pretty awesome.

Read through all the details and check out some examples of the art that will be in the book below. If you want to donate, click here.

Recent events across the world have had a devastating impact on many people’s lives. The earthquake in Mexico City, Hurricane Harvey in Houston, and Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico have all taken their toll - not to mention the many refugees that have been displaced over the last few years because of the conflict in Syria. Our hearts go out to all who have suffered so much, especially to the young children who are innocent that have been caught up in these tragic events. And because our hearts go out to them, we as artists are combining our efforts and doing what we do best - draw and paint.    
The result is this beautiful digital art book called Beginnings, and the goal is to celebrate the innocence and wonder of childhood and to share that with all of you. We’ve partnered with the wonderful people at Save the Children and Crowdrise in order to thank you for your generous donation to their cause, which will directly bless the lives of many children that are in need right now. By making a donation of at least $10 to this campaign, you'll be able to pre-order a copy of Beginnings, which will be released for download in December 2017.   
Each artist that contributed to this book was asked a simple question: what inspired you as a child? Maybe it was a person they looked up to. Or perhaps it was a beautiful location. It could have been a particular moment in time or a set of events that brings back feelings of nostalgia. Or maybe it was just the interesting way in which they saw the world as a kid. Each person answered for themselves and over 60 professional artists from around the world and from the various fields of animation, comics, cartooning, illustration, and visual development contributed, including: Max Grecke, Elsa Chang, Brett Bean, Wouter Tulp, Armand Serrano, Pernille Orum, Adam Rex, Floyd Norman, Gustavo Duarte, Dave Guertin and Greg Baldwin from CreatureBox, Nathan Fowkes, Ty Carter, and many more! Half the fun of this book will be in discovering the answers they came up with and gaining a little insight into their younger years. The other half of the fun, of course, will be in seeing all of the stunning new artwork that they spent hours creating in order to support this cause. 
Thank you in advance for your generous donation to Save the Children! We hope you enjoy the book and that it, in return, becomes a source of inspiration to you..
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